Join Shia LaBeouf As He Watches All Of His Movies During Live Stream

 Shia LaBeouf has become one very interesting dude. But how can he out-do himself after inviting guests to sit with him in a gallery and play a staring game or give a motivational speech via green screen, copyright free for anyone to use?  How about watching all of Shia’s movies WITH Shia in a theater? It’s so crazy it just might work.

 Shia LaBeouf has invited anyone and everyone to head down to the Angelika Film Center, 18 West Houston Street in New York City to watch literally all of his movies starting with his recent work and moving backwards throughout his filmography. The greatest part however is you don’t have to be a wealthy to participant in this even either in person, or through the internet. The theater is not only offering free admission to hang out with Shia and watch his movies, but they’re also streaming the event for literally anyone in the world to enjoy. Awesome.

Check out the stream HERE, which last I checked was unfortunately not working. It seems maybe the amount of viewers have crashed the system, BUT, it was working for some before so hang in there and maybe it’ll be up and running again soon. The guy has made over 30 movies so there’s more movie-watching to be had throughout the day/week. 72 hours to be roughly exact.