Shia LaBeouf Released From Jail After Acting Like An Idiot In New York

Shia LaBeouf is having some real trouble these days. Last night in New York while attending the Broadway show Cabaret starring Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams, LaBeouf thought it’d be best to smack theater patrons and light up a smoke before getting man-handled by 6 police officers, breaking down into tears and gettng hauled away in handcuffs. Maybe he just thought he was apart of the show. Y’know, like dinner theater.

LaBeouf allegedly in handcuffs outside of the Studio 54 theater.

One of the audience members of the show recounts what happened at the show last night. Personally, two shows for the price of one is pretty good!

  • When he walked up to his table prior to the show, he made small talk with his 2 older female table mates by asking where they were from. When they replied New York City, he said “You’re fucking kidding me!”
  • He got up to get a drink at the bar prior to the show and asked the ladies to “watch my shit.” When he returned, he brought them back drinks in souvenir mugs no less.
  • Every time a song would start, he raised his hands in the air for a good minute or so, then he would start bobbing his head along and making hand gestures. He was totally feeling it.
  • During the number “Money,” while Alan Cumming was making suggestive gestures to the dancers, he let out a loud “Yeeeeeaaaaahhhh!” And then he fell out of his chair which caused a bit of a commotion.
  • He was smoking something on and off during the show despite a polite warning from an usher. I can’t really excuse that. Maybe he thought it was ok since the actors smoke throughout the show?

Listen, if you’re gonna do drugs, I’d think a Broadway show would be last on the list of places to go, especially in New York. I hear Transformers 4 under the influence is pretty awesome.

The fun certainly didn’t start in the theater for Shia. He allegedly chased a homeless person around even before the real crazy started.

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LaBeouf allegedly yelled “It’s me! Shia!” At least he got his own name right.  (Photo: TMZ)

Images this morning emerged of LaBeouf released from a New York police station.  You’d assume the shirt was torn from the altercation he had with police, but looking at the photo above, I guess that was just “his look” for the evening.

NYPD confirmed that LaBeouf is facing two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of criminal trespassing.  I guess he didn’t buy his Cabaret ticket?

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“And stay out!”

It’s all kinds of a shame, really.  The guy is only 28-years-old and just celebrated a birthday on June 11th. Earlier this year he tweeted that he was retiring from all public life but I’m still not completely sure when that actually occured. Seems like he still has a lot of energy for the public (and media) to just gobble up.

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Over 3,000 people seemed to favorite this idea.

What do you think of Shia LaBeouf’s recent outburst? Is this a cry for help, or is he just researching for a movie role in which he’ll play a jackass.

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source: Gawker