Shia LaBeouf Is Living In A College Elevator & You Can Live Stream It Right Now

Shia LaBeouf. Actor, artist, social weirdo experiment something something.

Recently he decided to watch every single one of his movies (going from most recent all the way back to his first) with whomever in the general public wanted to watch it with it for free. Today however, he’s taking it up a notch by literally living in an elevator for 24 hours while live streaming the event on Youtube.

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This newest artistic endeavor is titled #Elevate and the best part is you can actually hear the audio of Shia LaBeouf’s random conversations with strangers, unlike his movie theater going experience. Unfortunately, the elevator doors are shut most of the time but you can still hear and enjoy the audio coming from Shia inside the elevator. That’s right, the camera isn’t actually IN the elevator, but positioned outside on one of the floors.

When the doors do open, the inside situation looks something like this.

Who the hell are those two other guys? That’s his collaborators Ronkko and Turner.

So where can you go hang out with Shia LaBeouf and his two friends in an elevator? This little experiment is happening at the English Oxford University in Gloucester Green in the UK. Apparently LaBeouf is scheduled to give a “talk” around 8PM in the elevator, which as you can tell has limited seating. What he’s “talking” about we’re unclear but I certainly hope the words “Do It!” will be shouted more than a few 100 times.

Enjoy the live feed!

UPDATE 9:56AM: Shia just confessed that he used to poop on himself until he was 12-years-old because he was afraid of the toilet.