Shia Labeouf Gives Insane Motivational Speech In Art Project: Just Do It!!!

Shia Labeouf, the former Hollywood actor who is “no longer famous” and is now pursuing a career as an edgy performance artist has released a new collaboration with BA art students from Central Saint Martins. It is the most Shia Labeouf thing you may ever see.

In a video he released last week he describes the work of the students in a so serious, it’s silly style. If you have thirty minutes to kill and are really looking to see if you can decipher if Shia is serious or doing more of a “Joaquin Phoenix is a rapper” thing, then here ya go:

Back in December you may recall Labeouf had allowed members of the public to enter a room with him alone and “do whatever they wanted” as he sat silently, all as part of an art project. This led to him claiming that he was sexually assaulted by a participant in the room.  The whole thing was nuts.

However, this project may have even gotten weirder for a guy who claims he doesn’t want to be famous. Setting this video against a green screen makes me suspect that the resulting memes unleashed on the Internet were not intended. The video was uploaded to Reddit and was quickly re edited, mainly using one section of Labeouf’s video where he goes on a motivational speaker rant that would make Chris Farley’s “Matt Foley” go hide in a van down by the river.

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“JUST DO IT!” Nike?

Either Shia really wants people to take life by the balls and “just do it!” or he has an endorsement by Nike. In the motivational section of the video he aslso says; “Get to the point where anyone else would quit and you’re not going to stop there!”

Was he referring to sitting through that 30 min video above? Even if he is trolling us, the “art project” did lead to some pretty entertaining mashups, so in a way he succeeded by making a big collaborative art project via the internet! Here are some of the best ones, watch them… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! DO IT!!

Shia Sells Acting Lessons

Shia in Star Wars

Shia In The Avengers

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Shia In Game Of Thrones

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