Shia LaBeouf Claims He Was Sexually Assaulted During Art Project

You may recall or not care to recall that Shia LaBeouf put on an “art” project in Los Angeles back in February called #IAMSORRY where the attention starved actor  sat silently in a room with a paper bag over his head with the words “I am not famous anymore.” Members of the public lined up outside for hours in order to spend a few moments alone in the room with him and could say and do whatever they wanted. Shia’s visitors were even given a variety of props to choose from  for their one on one Shia time.  While the merits of this being “art” can be debated, this story may have you saying Shia La-Ooof.

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Screen Junkie’s Hal Rudnick confronts Shia at #IAMSORRY.

Apparently one of those people in line thought that “doing anything they want” in the room with Shia really meant doing  ANYTHING they want in the room with Shia. LeBeouf told Dazed magazine that;

“One woman who came with her boyfriend, who was outside the door when this happened, whipped my legs for 10 minutes and then stripped my clothing and proceeded to rape me.”

That’s all the detail he gets into as far as how the assault took place. As soon as they heard what was going on his collaborators intervened and “put a stop to it.” Word of the assault quickly made its way through the line of visitors still waiting to see Shia who continued on with the art project. Unfortunately this took place on Valentine’s Day and Shia’s girlfriend was there to see him. She wanted to discuss what happened with him, but he was not allowed to speak during the art project and had to sit there in silence as she questioned him.

Not being famous pro tip: do this on your couch at home without a line of deranged humans.

So what was the whole point of this art project to begin with? Shia says that:

“The 80s and 90s fucked us; our culture became a product to be sold, and anyone in a tabloid is a product – an object. American culture is just about blowjobs and golf. I wanted to take back ownership. Fuck the money, that was never the impetus. I wanted purpose.”

Well that explains it. While some have questioned the authenticity of this story, the two artists, Luke Turner and Nastja Sade Ronkko, who worked with Shia on the project back up his claims of what took place during the art project. Wait, how many people does it take to rent a room and it in it? Did one of the artists cut holes in the paper bag? Did the other one draw the words in marker on it?

You’d be suprised how many artists the concept of  “Shia LaBeouf” takes to put together. 

Even if you are not a fan of his, the whole thing is just really demented. Although the art project to begin with was sort of douchey, nothing should merit this type of assualt on a person. At least he was attempting to try something different. And to top it off I’m going to go out here and say it; Shia LaBeouf is actually a decent actor. If you saw his performance in the Brad Pitt World War II film Fury– he’s not half bad. He could have been on his way to a dramatic Mchonahay style makeover.  It’s just that now when you’re watching him on camera you keep thinking about his recent off screen antics such as getting arrested for drunkenly interrupting a Broadway play… or whatever this was.

source: The Guardian

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