She’s Not A Teacher, But She’s Still A School Employee Who’s In Trouble For Alleged Sex Tape With Underage Student

We’re scrounging the bottom of the barrel here. There are two things that make a successful teacher student sex story:

  1. A hot teacher
  2. That’s really it

Frankly, the teacher could be in trouble for accidentally grazing some poor kid’s schlong and as long as she’s hot no one would care. The details add for a juicy story, sure – but no one wants to read about the 80-year-old crone with a chalkboard who made a sex tape with a 15-year-old. We want to read about 22-year-old Amanda Eckblad, who is ridiculously attractive and allegedly made a sex tape with a student:

That’s more like it.

According to the Mount Pleasant Patch, Eckblad was a former contractor who worked for Racine Case High School in Wisconsin when authorities received a tip that she was having an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old boy who also lived with her in her house. How that works beats the fuck outta me – is the kid adopted? Is she renting a room in a family home? I have read dozens of reports on this case and not a single one has answered that question. WSAU reports that Eckblad considered the live-in teen to be her boyfriend, so where the fuck are this kid’s parents??

Regardless of how this went down, once officers searched Amanda Eckblad’s phone they found a video of her having sex with the underage student, which she had tried (and clearly failed) to delete properly. You’d think these teachers would learn to throw their cell phones and hard drivers into the nearest river, yet here they are still getting caught – if you’re a teaching boning a student in 2018, you need to start communicating with the kid via carrier pigeon, not text message.

In the end, Amanda Eckblad was charged with sexual intercourse with a child as well as possession of child pornography due to the student’s age; her employment with Racine Case High School has been terminated while she awaits trial.

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