Sharp To Sell Mini Humanoid Robot As A Smartphone

Today in Robot Apocalypse we go to Japan where technology company Sharp has gone and chained humanity to an eternity of servitude to our robot masters.

Our cute, little, adorable robot overlords with arms and legs who supposedly just want to tell us we have a phone call and hail us a cab. This is how begins.

“Sorry I can’t hear you, my robot is tickling my ear.”

Famous roboticist Tomotaka Takahashi is working with Sharp to release RoBoHoN, which is a combination of the Japanese words for robot and Smart Phone. The idea is that instead of using your iPhone or Android, you will have an actual android to serve as your smart phone and personal assistant. It even has a projection display.  The 7.5 inch tall robot does everything a smart phone can do, but with creepy dead eyes and moving arms and legs.

The robot is showing her old home movies of her husband who “went missing.”

The advertisement in Japanese for the RoBoHon gives the impression that users are actually having a conversation and interacting with the little guy. They say it will even recognize your face.  This will be super helpful when the time finally comes for “the great human purge” and they want to take out those that tormented them the most.

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Much the way we were always promised to talk to computers naturally in science fiction films, the robot tells you when you have a call, can be directed to read emails and even order a taxi. Not too different from what Siri promises. However this little robot can dance, walk, and is intended to form an emotional connection with the user. Sadly for poor little RoBoHon we all know what that can lead to.

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Source: Gizmodo