Sharon Stone Posed Totally Nude For A Magazine Proving She’s Still Hot As Hell

Regardless if Sharon Stone hasn’t been in a good movie for twenty years or so, one thing can be said about the Oscar-Nominated actress; she’s still a babe. Stone recently did an interview for Harper Bazaar’s magazine where Stone herself discusses the stumble her career took in the early 2000’s. Of course what better way to promote anything you do including a magazine interview than by posing totally nude for the piece.

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In the interview, Stone goes on to say that a brain hemorrhage in 2001 led to not working for a while and unfortunately caused the end of her marriage and custody of her child, but one thing Sharon Stone wants to prove is that she can certainly get back on the horse no matter the small roles offered to her. Oh, and the fact that she’s still smoking hot at 57-years-old doesn’t hurt either. She’s also the only actor/actress who ever kicked Arnold Schwarzenegger in the balls and get away with it.

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Keep on keepin’ on, Stone! We’re happy to look at any classy nudes any day of the week.