Sexy Prank; Funny, Dirty and Hot

sexy prank

How would generations of dreary lives have survived throughout history without the ability to prank somebody?  Pranks and hoaxes have been played throughout history and became so popular, they even have their own day, the notorious April Fool’s Day. There’s nothing like a well executed mischievous trick to cause laughter, something scientists are saying is vital to a healthy life. Well done pranks and practical jokes are so popular, they even have been the subject of many TV shows like Candid Camera and Totally Hidden Video since there’s nothing as hilarious as laughing at someone’s expense, filming it and then sharing it on TV.

bikini prank

There are many different kind of pranks that can be done but one of the most popular and probably most fun are sexy pranks. The name infers pranking with sex which is exactly what a sexy prank is; a prank that has a sexual component.  Generally, sexy pranks involve scantily clad hot girls or hot girls taking their clothes off. Other sexy pranks involve wardrobe malfunctions, double entendre dirty talk and public orgasms. A often repeated sexy prank is when a couple pretends to have sex in public and a hidden camera records the reactions of the passerbys who are either laughing, confused or disapproving.





They can and when they do, they’re considered X-rated sexy pranks. Sexy pranks are only funny when the person who is playing the prank is being sexy otherwise it could be considered sexually harassment. For example, sexy pranks sometimes involve upskirts but these incidents aren’t funny since upskirting someone is generally considered illegal.

gross guy in slave leia outfit disgusting

It’s not just Americans who are horny and funny either. Many compilation videos of the best sexy pranks incorporate sexy pranks from various international countries proving once again the international language is sex and comedy.




There are so many different types of pranks that you can play one a day and never get tired. Demonstrating how bored the general office worker is, office pranks are very popular and was constantly featured on the NBC TV series, The Office. On the show, likeable paper salesman Jim made it his life’s mission to torture his fellow co-worker, power hungry Dwight with endless office pranks which Dwight never found amusing. Another type of prank that’s been around since the dawn of time, well, at least since the invention of the telephone, are prank calls and phone pranks. History can probably prove that as soon as ten people got the first telephones, somebody was calling one of the other nine to prank them. Lesser known but just as funny are senior pranks. It may seem mean to make fun of old people who may not be as sharp as they once were however, a recent NBC show gave the elderly an opportunity to fight back. On April 4, 2012, Betty White’s Off Their Rockers made it’s debut on NBC. Hosted by Betty White, the show was about seniors who played pranks on the younger generation. The show ran for two seasons before moving to Lifetime on February 28, 2014 for 10 episodes. It just goes to show, seniors are retired so they have plenty of time to sit around and think up ways to punk people.




ashton kutcher punkd

Celebrities love to prank other celebrities as evidenced by Ashton Kutcher’s show, Punk’d where he and his friends pranked other stars. George Clooney and Brad Pitt have reputations as two of Hollywood’s biggest pranksters, mainly for playing pranks on each other. To promote his new movie, Magic Mike XXL, Channing Tatum went undercover as an unattractive, balding, bearded marketing executive who questioned moviegoers who had gathered to get a sneak preview of the Magic Mike sequel. When the fans were all seated, they were given 3-D glasses to watch the movie. However, instead of seeing the film, the audience was treated to a live performance of shirtless male strippers who shook their groove thing for the test audience of mostly women. The strippers then motioned for the marketing executive to join them. The audience first cracked up at the marketing guy’s bad moves but then got grossed out when he gave a few women some lap dances. Their disgust was turned to elation when Channing finally took his disguise off to reveal himself. Unfortunately he didn’t take it all off like he does in the movie, but the women weren’t complaining. Ultimately, although Channing didn’t show enough nudity, this was definitely one sexy prank the audience members would never forget.

.Although Bellamy Young is the First Lady of the U.S. on the ABC drama series, Scandal, on the hidden camera comedy show, Repeat After Me, Bellamy pretends to be a mattress shopper with a dirty mouth who makes a poor unsuspecting salesman extremely uncomfortable. The show is hosted by actress Wendi McLendon-Covey who tells celebrities what to say and do via a remote ear piece as the stars interact with regular people who have no idea that they are being filmed. See Bellamy be bad below.