Sexy Pizza Rat Halloween Costume Is A Thing Now

Halloween is just around the corner and that means that women all over the country will don tight, revealing outfits in the name of celebrating the holiday. It sounds like a paradise on Earth for guys who have to violate privacy rights to get a look at a woman in something skimpy but it’s actually hell when you see some of the costumes that women might be wearing for Halloween this year. The latest is a sexy take on the famous “Pizza Rat.”, the same website that brought you the boner killing “Sexy Donald Trump” costume, has also created a “Sexy Pizza Rat” outfit. It’s basically your standard “Sexy Rat” costume but with the hilarious addition of two slices of pizza on the hips. Also, if it’s your desire to see a shapely woman in a sexy rat costume, please seek some kind of mental health expert immediately. 

Getting hot just looking at this.

The kicker is that it costs $89.95 per costume because apparently, that’s what giving up your dignity is worth to some people. Exactly who is this costume for anyway? It’s not that a pizza rat costume isn’t a funny idea but making a sexy version just feels wrong. That’s like making a sexy Ronald McDonald costume. Oh wait…they have one of those as well. My penis is going to have nightmares now. 

Source: Slate