8 Sexy Marty McFly Cosplays That Will Give You A Gigawatt

With Back to the Future day finally upon us, there are many things to celebrate but one thing in particular is the cool cosplays people are coming up with because today is like geek Halloween. Only instead of hunting for candy, most peope are trying to track down those elusive Pepsi Perfect bottles. And with so many costumes being worn, we thought it’d be best to celebrate the sexiest Marty McFly costumes because, frankly, we’re going to be seeing dudes dressed as Marty all day long and we just need a friggin’ break.


Instead of sports, she’s betting on who will win Project Runway.


Shame that jacket shrunk after falling in the water, isn’t it?


She just got a filthy picture on her Apple watch.


They might miss that fateful lightning strike due the amount of time it’ll take her to shave those legs.


This might be the only time we want to see Marty and Doc be more than friends.


When you tell Marty to “bring a friend” but their gut is bigger than yours.


The less amount of clothes you wear, the less wind resistance when riding your Hoverboard.


“Steampunk” ruins most pictures, but not this one.

Kind of makes your brain fight itself, doesn’t it. Well done, ladies! Now let’s work those costumes so we can maybe bribe someone for a damn Pepsi Perfect.