This Woman Dressed Up As Sexy Gandalf And It’s Confusing Our Man Brains

The above photo is what Gandalf looks like. Or rather what Ian McKellan famously made the iconic character to look like based on the Lord of the Rings books from J.R.R. Tolkien. This Halloween, you’ll see a lot of costumes with some sort of sexy twist (even Donald Trump for pete’s sakes) but the odds of seeing a Gandalf costume that could at all be considered sexy were pretty much zilch. Until an Austrailian student decided to put a sexy spin to her Gandalf costume, for which the internet didn’t mind one bit.

“You shall not pass…without a proper date and chocolates.”

18-year-old Tjitske Van Vark actually didn’t dress up as Gandalf to celebrate Halloween. Vark participated in the Austrailian school tradition “Muck Up Day” where Seniors dress up and pull pranks on their last day of school (they have a weird set up for vacations over there) but it wasn’t the other students that let Vark know she had really pulled something magical off. It was her tumblr followers, which apparently tripled after the images were shared over 65,000 times.

Maybe Vark has discovered a new fetish that people didn’t know they wanted; the desire for hot ladies to cosplay as old wizards. Regardless, Vark says she thinks it’s pretty cool that so many people have began to enjoy her weird cosplay all over the interwebs, stating “Honestly, nothing is better than seeing people exclaim ‘I want to fuck Gandalf’ because of me!”

The wizard out of costume.

However if you’re a dude and have just fallen in love because you never thought your love of Lord of the Rings and the female sex could be so unified, I’m sorry to inform you that Ms. Vark is pretty open about her lesbian status. Which at the end of the day, is pretty fitting that she took on an Ian McKellan character.