A Sexy Ebola Costume For Halloween Is Now For Sale And It’s Kinda Ridiculous

I didn’t know if it would actually happen or not, but the fact that a company did indeed make a “Sexy Ebola Costume” for Halloween is kind of amazing. And yes, it’s literally called “Sexy Ebola Costume” unlike the male version of this outfit which is just “Ebola Containment Suit Costume”. Sorry, fellas. I know you want to feel sexy too.

For the low price of $59.99, the costume comes with a wide array of accessories, but doesn’t include the yellow boots. I mean, yellow boots aren’t sexy anyway, right? However you will receive the blue latex gloves, Ebola white costume dress, Ebola face shield, Breathing Mask and Safety Eye Goggles. If you planned on having a drink at all that night, it’ll take you five minutes to take all of that head gear off. Also, this should make throwing up much more adventurous.

The costume info, just in case you are actually interested in purchasing this thing, is listed as such:

As the deadly Ebola virus trickles its way through the United States, fighting its disease is no reason to compromise style. The short dress and chic gas mask will be the talk of Milan, London, Paris, and New York as the world’s fashionistas seek global solutions to hazmat couture. Ending plague isn’t the endeavor of a single woman, so be sure to check out our men’s Ebola Containment Costume for a great couple’s costume idea.

“Ending plague isn’t the endeavor of a single woman”. Sounds like an opening line to 90’s action movie starring Sandra Bullock.

I do enjoy the idea though your entire face might be covered, but you still have some skin showing. Because there’s just no way Ebola could leech onto you by your skin. Nevertheless, logic was not offered on the accessory list.

So if you’re genuinely interested in buying this costume, head over to Brands On Sale HERE. I for one just made the final down payment on my lame Ice Bucket Challenge costume instead. Looks like I’m winning 100th place at the costume contest again this year, suckers.

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source: Brands On Sale