Hey Ladies, You Can Now Dress Up As “Sexy Donald Trump” For Halloween

The Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is planning on “Making America Great Again” but it seems he’s also planning on making Halloween great again by getting in on the costume game. Is there nothing this guy won’t try to sell you? Actually the costume is from the website Yandy and they’re certainly not calling it “Sexy Donald Trump” because that would just be too obvious (and too ripe for a lawsuit). The costume is actually, and hilariously called Donna T. Rumpshaker and it’s really somethin’ else.

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Kinda like a mullet, this costume is all business on top and all party on the bottom.

Here’s what the website says regarding their Donald Trump, er, I mean Rumpshaker costume:

You’ll be “Making America Great!” this Halloween in this limited edition Yandy Donna T. Rumpshaker costume featuring a white sleeveless shirt with an attached collar, an attached red tie, a royal blue faux blazer and royal blue booty shorts. (Hat and wig sold separately.)

Hold on–wig and hat sold separately? The hat alone, which is sold through Trump’s website is like $25 bucks! And a gold wig, maybe $20 at your local Halloween shop. So how much are we looking here total? Well the costume itself is being sold for $70 so you’re looking at a $100 investment to look like Angus Young from AC/DC.

Ehhhh, we’d rather go with the old staple, “Sexy Jared Fogle”.