Is This The World’s Sexiest Criminal? Let’s Stare At Her Bikini Pic And Discuss.

Is this the world’s sexiest criminal? If there was a ranking system for such things (and there damn well should be), odds are 21-year-old Canadian Stéphanie Beaudoin would at least be in the running.

In August, Beaudoin was arrested on 108 separate charges, including 42 incidents of breaking and entering. She is also accused of being in possession of nine stolen guns.

Normally, this is the part of the article where I’d make a joke about how she also didn’t have a permit for those “bazookas,” or “rockets,” or some other weapon-based euphemism for breasts. But I’m just not feeling it today. Sorry.

But back to the task at hand. Is Beaudoin really the world’s sexiest criminal? Well, if you’re a straight female, I imagine you’d disagree, and cast your vote for Jeremy Meeks.

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But for straight guys and lesbians, it depends.

Clearly, there are many other attractive women who have been arrested. Take for example, Tori Black, the adult-film star who was arrested during a domestic dispute.

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Or this attractive woman who was arrested for allegedly driving drunk. 

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They’re both arguably more attractive.

But what makes Stéphanie Beaudoin’s situation so unique is the scale of her crimes. If she’s guilty, this wasn’t a one-time mistake like the other women we mentioned. These are some serious charges. So even though there are more attractive women who have committed crimes, she has to get some points for going all out.

Besides, no matter how you slice it, she’s a lot easier on the eyes than most of the mug shots we see on the Internet.

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So here’s to you, Stéphanie Beaudoin. I hope women’s prison is as sexy as the adult-film industry has lead me to believe.