8 Sex Items You Will Want To Shake Out Of A Vending Machine

We often take for granted the convenience of vending machines, as they have become a daily part of many of our lives. There are though a wild variety of vending machines across the world which focus on other things – namely sexual things.

1. Panties

When a Japanese vendor started selling used school girl aged panties from machines, it made headlines worldwide as an example of a truly odd if not disturbing trend.

2. Chilled Panties

chill 1

chill 2

Even weirder is one such panty vending machine that sells their product chilled, because if you are wacked enough to want to buy used panties, they might as well be cold, right?

3. Sex Toys

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There are a wide variety of vending machines that sell sex toys in Asia.

4. Condoms And A Breathalyzer


There’s a new machine in England called the Johnny Be Good, which incorporates a breathalyzer into the equation. Because as many of us know, alcohol can lead to bad decisions this creation only dispenses a condom if you are sober. The condom is actually free, and is part of a promotion from Match.com – maybe its penance for all those bad dates you got from trolling on it. 

5. Plan B 

If you didn’t get a condom or something else happened, there are Plan B vending machines.  Needless to say, these are very controversial in some quarters.

6. HIV Tests

Taking safety and protection a step further, there are now vending machines that offer HIV testing kits. These might actually save your life, let alone make you realize that buying used panties is just a rotten idea.

7. Porn


If you don’t need a butt plug or vibrating vagina, you can always just go for some old fashioned dirty magazines from this machine.

8. Italian Sex Toys

Italy has gotten into the act as well, as this video discusses a vending machine for sex toys in an Italian train station.

So next time you find yourself in a foreign train station looking for a quick snack make sure you know what your buying. You might just end up with a sex toy and not a can of pringles.