Sextortion! Small Town Fueled By XXX Blackmail—We’ve Got Tips To Avoid The Scam


Imagine: it’s Friday night, you’ve worked hard all week, and you want to spend some of your hard-earned cash on a web sesh with your favorite adult film actress. You make a connection, she appears on screen, and you’re off to the races.

¡Aye Caliente!

If the microphone on the porn star’s webcam just so happens to be “broken,” and she has to communicate with you via typing, and one of her requests is that you bring yourself to completion and discharge your DNA on your bare chest, just know there’s an excellent chance you’re chatting with a teenage male who resides in Morocco.

¡Aye Dios Mio!

Maybe you’re into that sort of thing. Read on regardless.

So, imagine, you’re sitting slumped down in your desk chair, reaching for the paper towel, when you receive a private message from the porn star. You open the email, expecting an invite to drop by for lunch whenever you happen to be in the Modesto area, and instead receive a link to a video of you, doing what you just did, along with a demand for damn near ten grand…unless you want that video sent to every one of your Facebook friends and email contacts.

According to UK’s The Sun, this scam is a cottage industry in Morocco, specifically the town of Oued Zem, where an estimated 3,000 sextortion blackmailers make some seriously decent cream by making dupes cream on camera. The racket pays: one former sextorter claims to have been raking in close to $74,000 dollars annually. An ACTUAL porn star would have to make 7,400 videos a year to earn the same amount.

Stay safe out there folks. As a public service, we here at Break are presenting our…



Wear a bucket over your head with an eye-slit cut into it so you can reliably claim it’s a video of an X-Men villain and not you if the video does leak

Use a stolen credit card

Moan in the voice of Mickey Mouse (again, you want to be able to say it’s not you and have it be completely believable)

Demand the porn star hold up a copy of that day’s newspaper. If she doesn’t have one, demand the “hand jive” from Grease

Unfriend your parents on Facebook before you auto-eroticize on camera so they can’t send the video to the people who’ll be most disappointed

Do it in the library so the Feds will take an interest in the case if need be




Give a girl your PIN or bank routing info until you get a sense of how hot she is

Trust a girl with a name like Cookie_37ui99Xdui or Sysadminerror_Jessica until you get a sense of how hot she is

Accept Snapchat sext requests from girls you don’t know until you get a sense of how hot she is

Send money to a girl you don’t remember sleeping with yet claims she needs an abortion until you get a sense of how hot she is

Assume that any girl who claims to need an American husband is actually into you for your personality until you get a sense of how hot she is

Love them hoes