Everyone Is Going Nuts Over This Severus Snape Look-A-Like

Since flying on brooms is completely out of the question in our universe, I guess working the kiosk at an American Airlines gate is the next best thing for Harry Potter villain (spoiler!) Severus Snape. Good to know he survived that long and drawn out Deathly Hallows conclusion, but upon closer look, this is actually David Dolci, an American Airlines employee who happens to have an uncanny resemblence to the evil Hogwarts school teacher.

After hitting the internet, the image of Dolci working the AA kiosk birthed many memes and was featured on cable news and websites but the first to take notice of Dolci’s looks was American Airlines themselves. They posted a picture of Dolci helping a young lady dressed as a Hogwarts student, teasing Dolci’s striking resemblence to Snape.

After more people began to notice and explosion of memes followed.

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Dolci who works at New York’s LaGuardia Airport says that it’s pretty cool how he’s become internet famous thanks to the picture post made by the airline on their facebook page. After the post received over 21,000 shares, passengers have actually approached him asking for an autograph or requesting a photo which can be a little unnerving for Dolci who is still getting used to the fame, but also admits the ride has been a fun one to say the least.

Once the whole Snape thing dies down, we think Dolci could do a follow up as a look-a-like for Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor.