Seth MacFarlane Completely Destroys Duck Dynasty While Accepting “Genius” Award

For those of you that missed it, this weekend was the Critics’ Choice Awards and as luck would have it the critics chose to give Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane something called the “Louis XIII Genius Award.”


If it sounds totally ridiculous to give something called a “genius” award to a guy who makes fart jokes for a living (see below), you are not alone. MacFarlane himself acknowledged as much, using his acceptance speech to roast the award itself, the critics and A&E the network that broadcast the event. He said in part;

“Being called a genius in Hollywood is kind of like being called thin at Disneyland.”

However it was the shot he took at A&E’s hit reality show Duck Dynasty that totally annihilated the duck hunters.

“Well, wwwwhat did he say!”


Macfarlane totally obliterated the Duck loving Robertson’s when he pointed out an awkward fact.

“Let’s also not forget, I’m being called a genius on the network that airs Duck Dynasty.  This is a show whose cast members believe hurricanes are caused by gay marriage. I wish I were joking.”


MacFarlane also took aim at his own career, just horribly mutilating himself  with the zinger;

“I want to thank the people at Fox, who years ago took a chance on a quirky little animated show, about a bumbling dad and his family, which I saw, and then created ‘Family Guy.”



To celebrate Seth MacFarlane getting the “genius” award here is a compilation of farts from Family Guy, because who doesn’t love farts?

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Source: Mediaite