Hero Service Dog Jumps In Front Of Bus To Save Blind Owner

For the hero of the day we go to Brewster, New York where one pup stepped up. A service dog named Bigo protected his blind owner, 62-year-old Audrey Stone when he threw himself in front of a mini school bus, saving her from taking a direct hit. That’s a good boy!

The pair were crossing the street when the bus driver apparently didn’t see them. One witness to the incident, Paul Schwartz told the local news;

“Don’t know if (the driver) thought (Stone) was going to move faster, but it looks like the dog tried to take most of the hit for her.”

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Fur could be seen on the wheels of the bus where Bigo was hit. Stone was sent to the hospital with a broken ankle, elbow and three fractured ribs while the golden retriever has a leg splint and underwent surgery. The dog will remain at the veterinary hospital as long as he needs to until his owner is able to take him home.

Even after the dog was receiving treatment on the scene, he was still trying to get to his upset owner in an effort to comfort her. Both the hero dog and the owner are expected to fully recover.

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Source: WNYT