The NFL Has Hit It Big – No One Was Arrested Last Month

Late night comedy shows have made mocking the criminals in the NFL a staple for years now.  People used to make jokes about the Cowboys and the Raiders all being criminals as far back as the 1990s.  Most of us probably don’t realize then that, in the face of all these jokes, the backstories are real.  The NFL really is just jam packed with criminals.  As proof, this sad NFL statistic from September of 2015.  The first month in the past 6 years during which not a single NFL player was arrested.  Six whole years.

Another fun statistic noted by Mike Rosenberg, sports reporter for yahoo, is that this is the 2nd month with no arrests since Roger Goodell started as commissioner back in 2006.  Are the two related?  Hard to say.  But it does seem like maybe Goodell doesn’t care if he runs a house full of thugs so long as he’s getting paid.

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It’s a classy game!

If it helps your perspective any, the arrest rate for NFL players is still lower than the national arrest rate for males 20-39.  That said, no one provided stats on the arrest rate of players in any other major league sports, but I’m willing to go out on a limb and suggest the NFL is head and shoulders above the NHL, MLB and even the NBA in that regard. 

The inclusion in the original story of the statistic about the arrest rate for males, in general, was amusing you consider that number is drawing from a pool of everyone.  The homeless.  Drug addicts.  The poor.  Gang members.  Basically all kinds of people who, when they’re not committing crimes, probably don’t have million dollar contracts to play sports on the weekend.  That kind of makes it seem like the NFL having a slightly lower arrest rate than the general population of mankind isn’t such a grand feat.

That being said, football is still awesome.  I mean, it is.