High School Seniors’ Alarm Clock Prank Ends With Felony Charges

The school year is winding down and that means that high school seniors all across the country are looking to leave their mark on their future alma-mater by pulling an epic prank. Two students in Statesville, North Carolina ended up pulling an epic felony instead.

Shannon Marie Farrell and Lekia Hall, both 18, from South Iredell High School received several felony counts of creating a fake bomb threat in connection with the prank they pulled on their school on Tuesday. The two seniors thought it would be funny to take a bunch of alarm clocks that were set to go off at different times throughout the day and hide them in a bunch of unused lockers around the school. Then just to add an extra touch of comedy, they put zip-ties on the locks so they couldn’t be opened right away. If you can’t tell where this is going, then take my advice and never try to do a prank like this. If you do, your life is sure to end with criminal charges or an extended hospital stay.

Some school administrators started hearing the clocks going off in the lockers and when they realized the lockers have been shut with zip-ties, they assumed the worst just to be safe and reported a potential bomb threat to the local authorities. Law enforcement had to evacuate the entire building as a precautionary measure until a bomb-sniffing dog could clear the scene. Police realized it was a prank when they found the alarm clocks and learned that the two seniors had sent out emails trying to recruit students to help pull off the prank just a few days before they carried out their dastardly plan to create a lasting memory they could share with each other at their high school reunion. Now, they may just have to settle for a prison reunion because each are looking at four to 20 years in person if they are convicted.

This is just the latest senior prank gone wrong at a high school in Anytown, USA. An alumnus and six students from the senior class of Chopticon High School in Morganza, Maryland recently unleashed 75,000 ladybugs in the school building. Earlier this month, a group of 100 students at Sequoyah High School in Madisonville, Tennessee snuck into the building and completely trashed the joint complete with puddles of urine and a dead possum. The question remains if the teens were hoping the alarm clocks would be confused with bombs or just trying to point out how annoying it would be to not be able to shut off an alarm clock. Either way, this went horribly, horribly wrong.

We really need to start teaching common sense in our schools as a literal subject.

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