Senior Prank Involving Dead Animals And Urine Leaves 100 Banned From Graduating

Senior pranks are a cherished tradition where at the end of the school year, before graduation, a group of rascal seniors get together and teepee school hallways or maybe use removable spray paint to write a wacky message on the football field. Well a group of seniors in Tennessee thought they’d go the extra mile to do something much more disgusting by covering their school’s hallways in urine and even leaving a dead animal for someone to discover. Of course there’s the usual garbage that was left as well to really make the clean up that much more fun. But that wasn’t all.

Lockers were broken into, posters were torn down and baby oil and ketchup were also drizzled around the school to give it that extra pungent scent. The mess was so awful, three teachers actually filed for Workman’s Compensation. Wow.

Students who first decided to pull the senior prank claim that a second group had followed them into the school and are responsible for the real destruction that took place. The Superintendent, Tim Blankenship however decided to waste no time in figuring out who was in the first and second group and said that whomever was at the school that night would be banned from graduating. How many allegedly took part in the prank in all? 100 students.

Of course the school has security cameras but the kicker is that the kids didn’t break into the school at all. One of the county’s officers and the school’s principal allowed the students into the building with guidelines that they can’t “steal anything or break anything.” Urine and dead animals however didn’t make the list of rules, but then again, I guess they didn’t realize how far these kids would go.

And because of the mess that was left, the officer involved was fired from his job for allegedly allowing it and the school’s principal was suspended. Both men are under investigation for the role in the prank.

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source: Elite Daily