Selfie-Pocalypse: 5 Tourists Fall Off Cliff In India

Ever heard of Goa?  It’s on the coast in India, supposed to be quite a nice tourist spot with beaches, beautiful forests and a rich history.  It tends to get over two million tourist visits a year.  It’s also the site where the recent trend of selfie-induced injury and death took things to the next level.

We’ve all heard stories in the last two years or so of people dying while taking selfies.  You don’t look where you’re going and you back into that volcano you were trying to get into the shot, or whatever it was.  Falling off cliffs seems to be a big one. 

This time it wasn’t one hapless tourist, it was five of them together who somehow all managed to lean back on a loose gate over a cliff to pose for a photo, only to have the gate give way and all five of them fall off.  According to officials three of the tourists only suffered minor injuries, the other two were a lot more serious.

Last year there were nearly 30 selfie related deaths and for some reason about half of them happened in India.  What is it about India that makes selfies so dangerous?  We don’t know, but here’s a few photos of places in India, see if you can notice a theme.

Yeah, just seems like veerything in India is a danger.  Whatever the case, let this be a lesson to you.  Ask someone to take your photo and look behind you, always.