This Fake Hand Selfie Stick Will Allegedly Make You Look Less Pathetic

In this new world of one-handed selfie taking, it’s tough to be able to capture an entire setting in one photo. Then the selfie stick was invented and changed all of our lives. But unfortunately with great power comes great douchey-ness because now the selfie stick kind of makes you look like a tool. “Oh, you’re the guy with a selfie stick” is pretty much what every photo screams when it’s revealed that, yes, you’re the guy holding a dumb selfie stick. But fear not any longer!

Someone has created a camouflaged selfie stick in the form of a fake hand to help ease your worry that you look dumb. Why? Instead of holding a lame selfie stick, it looks like you’re at least not pathetic by taking pictures all by yourself while holding a selfie stick, because let’s face it. Nothing makes you look more sad than taking selfies all by yourself all day long.

Granted, this fake hand selfie stick is supposed to be just a sort of spoof on how bizarre our internet culture has grown. Or is it? Frankly, I can’t tell anymore. Right now, the fake arm is only a prototype, but I have a feeling there actually might be an audience for this thing. I mean, people did make the selfie stick popular afterall. Yes you did. Okay okay, maybe I’m a bit harsh on the selfie stick craze and frankly would rather see people hold what looks like a severed arm everytime I drive by the park. So in actuality, I do call this an improvement.

If I may offer one note however, I think the makers of the selfie stick hand should maybe give the arm a different piece of clothing. Perhaps a plaid or flannel shirt? Hipsters love that crap.

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source: PetaPixel