6 Reasons To Think Twice Before Taking A Selfie

1. Colorado Plane Crash

The word “selfie” may evoke feelings of joy and celebration but it can also become something very dangerous and even deadly. The latest example comes from Colorado where a selfie seems to be the reason for a plane crash

The National Transportation Safety Board released a report on a plane crash in Watkins, Colorado that took the lives of two people. The report stated that the pilot was taking selfies with a camera while flying the plane just before it crashed into the ground. Investigators believe the pilot’s lack of attention and the plane’s low altitude contributed to the crash. Investigators determined the cause from a GoPro camera they found at the wreckage site. 

This is just another sad reminder about distracted driving in this day and age when technology is so portable and accessible. Unfortunately, it’s not the only reminder for a lesson that we can’t seem to learn. We found five very serious accidents caused by the seemingly innocent selfie. 


2. Drunk Student Walks Straight Into Lamppost 

Usually when the words “drunk” and “student” are together in the same sentence, you can bet you’ll see something hilarious before you hit the period. A group of boozed up British students were out celebrating and decided to mark those moments occasion in the long destruction of their livers with their cell phone and one of those selfies sticks that helps identify lower members of life’s food chain. One of his friends was so engrossed in the moment that he walked straight into a lamppost ala The Three Stooges although we’re not sure Curly could be this stupid and he gets spooked by cheese. 



3. Sports Reporter Gets Hit By a Baseball 

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Fox Sports reporter Kelly Nash brought the image for blonds everywhere down a notch when she almost got beamed directly in the head by a baseball while taking a selfie in the stands of Boston’s Fenway Park. She was standing above the Green Monster during batting practice with her back to home plate during batting practice. She didn’t see the ball coming until she looked at the photos and realized she how close she came to permanent brain damage or becoming a Fox News reporter. 



4. Iranian Teens Crash Car While Making a Karaoke Selfie 

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Two unidentified women in Iran decided to celebrate their night on the town by recording a video of themselves lip syncing to a song by recording artist Saeed Shayesteh. It went from mildly cute to downright shocking in almost the blink of an eye when the driver takes her hands off the wheel to make a “Heart” shape and the car crashes causing the airbags to inflate. Both survived the crash but were taken to the hospital with some fairly severe injuries where they just couldn’t resist taking another selfie of their bruised and battered faces. 



5. Accidents at the Tour de France 

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Last year’s Tour de France was full of all sorts of accidents including a large number caused by fans who stepped out on to the track to take self portraits of cyclists of zooming past them. There were so many accidents that several of the cyclists had to post warnings on their Twitter accounts urging their fans not to turn their backs on the race to take a picture. Of course, that didn’t stop them probably because they were too busy using the camera app on their phones to take more selfies. 



6. Selfie Causes a 50-Car Pile Up in Jordan

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You’re not just putting yourself in danger when you decide to mix selfies with driving. You’re putting every other driver on the road in danger as well as evidenced by this story about a massive accident in Jordan. An unidentified driver decided to stop his car in the middle of a busy highway just so he could take a selfie. This caused the other drivers on the road to stop their cars thinking he had been in an accident or had some kind of car trouble. The sudden stops caused a 50-car pileup that also led to a massive traffic jam. 



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