Everything You Need To Know About The Selena Gomez Sex Tape Rumors

selena gomez bra

Disney Channel actress and singer Selena Gomez’s star shot to the stratosphere when in 2011, it was confirmed she and teenage pop star Justin Bieber were dating. The media dubbed the teen power couple as “Jelena” and the two young stars became paparazzi favorites.  This on-again-off-again couple have become such a permanent fixture in the public spotlight that it was inevitable rumors of a sex tape would start circulating around the media.


The answer would fall under the “You wish” category.  Alas, there is no sex tape of Selena Gomez with Justin Bieber or any other boyfriend but there have been several Facebook scams purporting the existing of a tape, one so egregious that Facebook is suing the spammer. 

The first Facebook hoax took place in February 2012 when the below ad appeared on the social media site claiming that there was a camera hidden in Selena and Bieber’s bedroom that captured the couple’s intimate moments.

selena gomez grabbing vanessa hudgens ass

Curious users who clicked on the link were taken to a third-party website that encouraged them to share the link with their Facebook friends.

Once the user shared the link, then an online survey popped up requesting information before the video would play which upon completion then led to another online survey.  This often used trick of advertising celebrity porn to drive traffic to online surveys is how scammers make money.

Facebook alleges that the second Selena Gomez sex tape hoax was created by Christopher Peter Tarquini of New Jersey.  Facebook is suing Tarquini for flooding the social media site with messages about celebrity sex tapes including one of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber in addition to hijacking unsuspecting Facebook users’ accounts.  In the Tarquini scam, when users clicked on the purported sex tape link, the link was shared with their Facebook friends while the users’ browsers were forwarded to marketing sites that paid Tarquini for redirecting traffic to them. 

selena gomez soaking wet

In their complaint, Facebook says that in February 2013, Tarquini unleashed a software script called “Jacked” that posted messages and links on the social media site about a bogus Selena and Bieber sex tape.  Facebook users who clicked on link were sent to another site that featured a blurry image supposedly of Selena and Bieber designed to look like a still shot from a video.  When users clicked further, they got a message asking for a “Verification Code” that supposedly was to verify the user was human but it actually tricked users into allowing access to their security information. Tarquini could then perpetuate the scam by infiltrating users’ accounts and spamming users’ Facebook friends with messages about the fake sex tape.

The complaint states that Tarquini violated a number of Facebook terms including:

  • Soliciting login information or accessing somebody else’s account.
  • Using Facebook to do anything unlawful or misleading.
  • Posting pornographic content.
  • Collecting users’ information without their consent.
  • Creating a new account after a prior account has been disabled.


Facebook says the company spent thousands of dollars to track Tarquini down and when Facebook notified him in March 2013 that he was violating the rules of use and shut down his Facebook account, informing Tarquini that he was not authorized to access the system, Tarquini replied to the letter, admitting that he created the Jacked script:  

Tarquini responded to the March 11 letter and admitted that he had created the Jacked script that was used in the Bieber/Gomez spam campaign; admitted that he had distributed the script to a number of associates; and admitted that the Bieber/Gomez spam campaign redirected users to a non-Facebook website.

According to Facebook, Tarquini then created another account called Fly Photo Editor that also served unauthorized third-party ads before Facebook shut that down as well.  Facebook says Tarquini’s work defames the social media site as it “tainted and continue[s] to taint the Facebook experience for Facebook users.”  Facebook is asking for a jury trial, reimbursement of legal fees and for Tarquini to relinquish any profits from his alleged scams.  Tarquini is charged with violations of state and federal computer laws and breach of contract.

Meanwhile, the only straddling of Bieber by Selena the public will see are in these pictures showing the couple in happier times:


Don’t be fooled by porn sites and other random posters who use such key words as “Selena Gomez sex tape” or “Selena and Justin sex video” to lure you to their sites.  You’ll either be redirected to an adult members only subscription site or get a compilation of Selena photos, some which are photoshopped like this one below:

Publicity still from the movie “Springbreakers”

And here’s the picture after Selena’s bathing suit has been photoshopped out.  This appears in a picture compilation video on You Tube advertised as “Watch Selena Gomez Sex Tape Scenes – Uncensored.”



In the absence of a sex tape, Selena fans will have to be satisfied with videos and pictures such as these with Selena showing off her sexy side:

Selena flaunting it at the launch party for US magazine, Flaunt

The lesson here is it just goes to show that you can’t always always trust your Facebook friends and when it comes to rumors or postings about a celebrity sex tape, make sure several outlets of legitimate media is reporting about it before doing any curious clicking.