Hulu Just Paid Millions Of Dollars To Stream The Entire ‘Seinfeld’ Series

The cult classic television show from the 90’s that introduced phrases like “I don’t wanna be a pirate” and “They’re real and they’re spectacular” is finally…FINALLY heading to Hulu after years of not selling the rights for any streaming service to do so, and rightfully so. Sony TV, Time Warner’s Castle Rock, not to mention Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David will be celebrating the holidays early this year because the rights were sold for a heavy $180 million, breaking a price tag record for streaming rights. Oddly enough there are 180 Seinfeld episodes so the math pretty much works out perfectly.

Here’s the official press release:

Sony TV, which has long controlled distribution rights to the series on behalf of original producer Castle Rock TV, has been shopping the property for its first SVOD licensing pact for the past few months. A limited number of “Seinfeld” reruns have been available online via Sony TV’s ad-supported Crackle video platform, but the Hulu pact marks the first time the series will be available in its entirety in the new era of binge-viewing.

Hulu will be having an upfront presentation today which is a fancy way of saying they’re having a big meeting to show investors the exciting stuff going on for Hulu in the coming year. Streaming Seinfeld episodes is rightfully one of those exciting things. Hopefully they’ll also announce when the streaming will happen because I need to get my affairs in order because I don’t plan on leaving my couch for a while.

I just hope some of the other non “profit participants” like Jason Alexander, Michael Richards and Julia Louis-Dreyfus see some of that $180 million as well. They deserve every bit of that show’s wealth because let’s face it, they’re partly the reason why we continue to watch it.

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source: Variety