Seinfeld Emojis Are Here, Good Buddy! Well, Almost.

I could watch Seinfeld episodes all day long. Loved the show when it was on, still love it now. And the folks behind Twitter’s modern day Seinfeld, a parody account asking the question “what if NBC’s Seinfeld was still around today” decided to further usher the show into the 21st century with something we are all very familiar with;  Emojis.


If Seinfeld were on TV today, I could already see an episode dedicated to how ridiculous Emojis are, so this set seems to be extra fitting.

The best part is trying to figure out which episodes some of these icons are from. I’m a little foggy on a couple of them, but here’s what I think the list is (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong in the comments!):

From top left to right: Seinfeld, George, Elaine, Kramer, Soup Nazi, Jackie (Kramer’s Lawyer), The Pez dispenser that caused Elaine to laugh during a pianist concert, Little Jerry (Kramer’s rooster), Frogger arcade game

From bottom left to right: Festivus pole, Monk’s Restaurant, Elaine’s sponges, Kramer’s hat (?), Jerry’s father, the black & white cookie (Look to the cookie, Elaine!), pretzels from the episode where George got a role in a Woody Allen movie (These pretzel’s are making me thristy!), and of course Junior Mints.

I did however skip over the bald guy with a goatee whom Break Editor Ian Fortey believes to be THIS character:

Seems to be a little odd to tribute this guy over Peterman, Jerry’s cowboy boots or even Superman which Jerry talked about in almost every episode. But if you see a few characters missing like Newman for example, you can see him and others HERE.

No word yet as to when these Seinfeld emojis will be available (if ever), but we are as excited to see them now as we would be to actually have them!  C’mon, smart phone companies, let’s get this goin’.

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