8 Crazy Things You Will Only See On Halloween

Halloween is, without a doubt, the best and most fun holiday. What other holiday allows you to dress up as your favorite pop culture icons and act a fool? You also see some insane, unbelievable events on Halloween. Here are a few of the things you may run across.

Inappropriately Dressed Women



Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way – Halloween is the one night of the year where it’s socially acceptable for some women to go out in public wearing as little as possible. Unfortunately for everyone, this year there’s going to be a whole lot of people dressed as Miley Cyrus, which means an odd outfit, stupid looking hair, and millions of Instagram pictures of people sticking their tongues out everywhere. Where there’s a girl dressed as Miley Cyrus, there’s surely some guy dressed as Robin Thicke nearby.

The Costumed Arrest


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People think that wearing a costume gives them some sort of right to commit crimes. It doesn’t. If you look at mugshots from October 31st, you’ll find all sorts of examples of pranks and fails gone wrong. From an older-than-socially-acceptable cheerleader crying with makeup running down her face to that guy who just had to dress up like Beetlejuice, Halloween mugshots are hilarious.

The Graceful Walk of Shame


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Granted, this may not be exactly on Halloween, but the following morning, you should wake up early and go for an early morning drive. It’s likely that you’ll see all sorts of princesses, fairies, and mermaids slowly and shamefully making their way back home. Try to be as respectful as possible — only honk twice and cheer once.

Drunk Superheroes

Have you ever wondered what certain superheroes would be like if they were hammered? Well, you’re about to find out! As close as you’ll get to finding out, anyway. Most people will be hammered on Halloween, so finding Captain America passed out in a corner after a rendezvous with Rogue will be a common sight. Just make sure that Cap’n is actually passed out and not drained from having the power sucked out of his face.

Halloween is the only time you’ll see this — unless your friends like to dress up as superheroes, get hammered, and pass out. If that’s your thing, that’s cool, no one’s here to judge you.

Vandalized Yards

Halloween is, usually, the one time you’ll see vandalized yards. You’ll likely see decorations strewn about the yard, but the craziest thing you’ll see is tons of toilet paper hanging from trees. Some stores have taken preventive measures against that this year, though, and are banning minors from buying both eggs and toilet paper within seven days of Halloween. It’s a great idea in theory, but it could backfire — it could make eggs and toilet paper even more tempting for minors to purchase.



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The best thing about Halloween is that when people dress up, they usually commit to those characters. If you encounter people dressed up as zombies, chances are, they’ll adopt their mannerisms, too. This will hopefully be the only time in your life that you’ll ever have to deal with zombies. Just be sure to play along and run away from them, don’t take a swing at them. It’s all in good fun.

Kids Dressed as Killers

Halloween is all about dressing up, and for some children, they want to dress up as horror movie icons. This is horrible for many reasons, but mainly because parents approve of these costumes. Why would they want their child, the person that they care about most in the world, dressing up as someone who kills other people? What is wrong with some parents?!

Fake Blood Everywhere

For some reason, this doesn’t bother many people, but to me, this is crazy and it really creeps me out. As part of the decorations, a lot of people use fake blood. To add effect to the decoration, they plant fake bloody handprints all over the place, smears of blood leading to a fake corpse, and maybe some imitation intestines as well. If someone was actually injured, no one would ever know.

Halloween is the one time of year where you can dress up, let loose, and have a lot of fun with your friends and coworkers. This Halloween, if you do go out, please be safe and responsible. Don’t do anything stupid or offensive, because I really don’t want to write about you next year in an article about stupid things people did on Halloween. Just remember that everyone is out there to have fun, so be respectful and don’t ruin someone else’s fun night.