Seattle Woman Catches Drone Peeping In Her Window!

This past Sunday a woman in downtown Seattle saw an aerial drone hovering outside her apartment building window. She called police as she was concerned the drone was spying in her window and video recording her.  She had a real problem with becoming the target of a peeping drone strike.

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Her apartment building manager even went outside and caught two men loading the drone and video equipment into a truck before fleeing. Ironically the cops are going to make the hunter the hunted and are checking the apartment building’s video surveillance footage to see if they can identify the men operating the drone. Although one suspect that comes to mind are the cops themselves; recently a plan by the Seattle Police Department to use surveillance drones was- shot down– by outraged citizens.

Perving back in the day meant risking your life. Kids today just don’t understand.

In a weird way if in fact the operators of the drone were using this technology to perv on naked ladies in windows, that’s like something old timey 13 year olds from the 1920’s would do. “Hey Pip want to see a nudie?!” -Or whatever they would say. Even though spying on women is wrong, I think we can all appreciate that Peeping Toms no longer have to risk injury to themselves by climbing up dangerous trees and hanging on branches all day. The incidents of Peeping Tom workplace injuries have dropped dramatically thanks to drone and video surveillance technology. Lucky for you perves!

Why can’t they use drones for non-pervy reasons like driving cats insane?

As I’ve said before there are plenty of fun uses for drones; pizza delivery! You really don’t want people to think you are trying to get compromising footage of them with your drone. This poor kid got assaulted by a woman who thought he was using his drone to record her at the beach:

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