Seattle Is Finally Tearing Down Its Famous “Gum Wall”

There are serious concerns about America losing some of its most enthralling and breathtaking sites in our national parks and major cities. Unfortunately, one of them is being taken down as I write this due to human intervention in Seattle, Washington; Seattle’s “GUM WALL”.

A cleanup crew is scraping away the infamous Gum Wall located along the walls of Post Alley underneath the Pike Place marketplace. The Seattle Times reported that crews started pressure washing the wall on Tuesday and will spend at least the next week collecting the 1 million pieces of chewed gum stuck to the walls over the last 20 years.

The wall became something of a tourist attraction over the years. Local businesses kept chewing gum in stock just so they could sell it to tourists who would leave their masticated mark on the monument. Unfortunately, it’s becoming something of a mixed blessing for the people who works in the building connected to the wall. Pike Place officials told The New York Times that the gum collection probably weighs around 2,200 pounds and could pull the 115-year-old wall down if it wasn’t scraped off soon. Then again, if it did fall, they could just re-stack the bricks and glue it together with all that gum.

The wall started its weird collection in the 1990s thanks to a line that often formed along the alley to get into a local comedy club. The people waiting in line began sticking their gum on the wall and as the collection increased, more visitors decided to add their own piece to the Gum Wall. Local businesses tried to prevent people from sticking gum to the wall but when it started earning mentions in guidebooks, they relented and let people leave their ABC wads on their walls. It may be in the name of safety but this must be a sad day for some of the nearby businesses, Seattle hipsters who get off visiting tacky tourists spots in an un-ironic fashion and people with an inanimate object licking fetish.