Sears Apologizes For Selling Swastika Ring

You know it’s a bad day for your company’s public relations team when they have to apologize for the swastika that was FOR SALE on the company website. This is the World War II of website blunders. This wasn’t just someone’s Hitler emoticon that accidently slipped by and got used to yell at people in the comments section either. This was an actual piece of swastika jewelry with a price tag next to the 123 year old iconic American department store brand name, Sears. Some people were not happy with this choice in fascist merchandise. Roebuck is rolling in his grave. You could say that the swastika ring …created a small Führer.


Does Sears still do family portraits? They might have some interesting props.

This past week some online Sears shoppers were shocked to discover that the website was selling a men’s ring emblazoned with a large black symbol of the Nazi party. After dozens of complaints the company removed the page selling the swastika ring from and issued a statement saying;

“The ring was not posted by Sears, but by independent third-party sellers on Sears Marketplace.”

3rd party vendor? More like a 3rd Reich vendor!

The original “third party” description tried to downplay the implications of giant swastika on the ring titling it “Fashion Punk Rock Style Jewelry.”

Ooh! Its punk rock you guys! We all remember The Ramones’ hit Sheena is a Nazi; and when they sang “the KKK took my baby away” – what you didn’t realize is they were happy about it! Punk rock!

Do I really have to say “it was a joke?”

The listing went on to describe the ring in a way that totally would give you a valid excuse for wearing it in public. Just before an angry mob kicked your ass you could politely tell them:

“This gothic jewelry item in particular features a Swastika ring that’s made of .925 Thai silver. Not for Neo Nazi or any Nazi implication….”

Oh well, that settles it! (Before one of you says in a lame, whiney voice “but the swastika was used before the Nazis” – STFU, it’s a Nazi symbol now.) In fact CET Domain, the company selling the ring on the Sears Marketplace had some sweet suggestions of where you can wear the swastika ring;

“These jewelry items are going to make you look beautiful at your next dinner date.”

A date! That will impress any lady as you lift your wine glass for a toast revealing your ring during the candle lit meal you and your love are enjoying..  at a skin head biker bar.

She likes long walks on the beach and hate speech.

Sears also issued an apology via the official Sears Twitter feed. Also “Frozen” themed slippers are on sale, FYI.

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The swastika does not abide!

So good news if you need a place to unload your ISIS themed turtle necks; Sears doesn’t check who is selling what on their website. They might want to get an intern or someone on that; come on Sears!  




A similar story transpired a few weeks ago when the folks over at Urban Outfitters feigned ignorance over a “third party” vender’s bloody Kent State sweatshirt for sale on their website. The Kent State Sweatshirt and the swastika ring would make great accessories for that dinner date…

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