Doctors Print A 3D Beak For Injured Sea Turtle

3D printers are an amazing, technological marvel that could usher in a whole new era of achievement, discovery and creation. Unfortunately, we’re not getting that totally hopeful vibe just yet because we’ve been using it for some really dumb things like printing unique designed chocolate desserts and even spray can cheese. That’s right, we’ve managed to make spray can cheese even less useful as a product by finding a way to eliminate the calories you burn from dispensing spray can cheese with your hands.

Thankfully, we’re steering the ship back in the right direction with a very helpful prosthetic for an injured sea turtle.

A Turkish tech company called BTech Innovation printed a new beak for an injured sea turtle. They were tasked by the Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation center at Pamukkale University in Denizli, Turkey with making the device after they found a seat turtle with a broken set of jaws. The sea turtle named Akut-3 would starve to death if it didn’t have the use of its jaws and strong beak. So BTech took some scans of the injured turtle’s head and designed a titanium beak that they could fit over the turtle’s mouth. Akut-3 is being nursed back to health after recovering from his injuries and being fitted with the beak. If the turtle’s body doesn’t reject the prosthetic beak, they will release him back into the wild.

This is one of those “glass is half-empty”/“glass is half-full” kind of stories. If you’re the “half-full” kind of person, you’re probably moved by the dedication of the scientists and technicians who helped a wounded animal in a way that nature couldn’t. If you’re the “half-empty” kind of person, you’re probably worried that this could lead to some kind of terminator-turtle.

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source: BBC