Scott Baio Tweets Pic Of Name He Used On Starbucks Cup: “Trump”

Former Charles in Charge sitcom star Scott Baio is totally in charge of what name he uses on his Starbucks order. So when Baio went to Starbucks to pick up his wife a cup of java, the actor decided to do a little guerilla marketing on behalf of the candidate that he has endorsed.

He who must not be named!

You will recall that this past Fall Trump said his followers should boycott the coffee chain in response to their lack of Christmas spirit with their plain red coffee cups. Now it seems that Starbucks is boycotting Trump.

Scott Baio’s  plan to have the name “Trump! Trump!” shouted to the dozens of Starbucks customers waiting for their morning fix totally backfired when the barista refused to say the name out loud. Which is terrible, because how else is Trump going to get any coverage? The barista must have been a Babe For Bernie.

“Trump – Baio 2016!” – Is what is going on my next Starbucks order.

This could be a whole new form of campaigning. Forget putting a sign on your lawn, whenever you go to Starbucks or a fast food joint, give them the name of your preferred candidate to call out when your order is ready.  Carl’s Jr. orders for Cruz, Burger King for Bernie, Pizza Hut for Hillary, KFC for Kasich.  Every vote and every french-fry counts.

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