Scientists Have Proven That A Vulgar Vocabulary Means You’re Actually Smarter

It’s official. People that swear like a sailor are apparently smarter than those that keep their swearing all bottled up like a proper weirdo. And by smarter, we mean you actually have an above average vocabulary. Not that you’re better at calculus or anything. C’mon, let’s be fucking realistic here.

Most people believe that if you swear, your vocabulary is, well, limited. But scientists have come to the conclusion that if you use swear words in every day language, you’re more apt to have a healtheir vocabulary and know MORE words than just the F and S words you’re using to scream out as you hit rush hour traffic.

Scientists used the Controlled Oral Word Association Test to find these results by asking people to say as many vulgar terms they could remember off the top of their head. Then they asked the same people to say as many animal names that they could also remember. Low and behold, the people that could remember the most animal names rattled off more swear (or “taboo”) words than anyone else during the test.  Good job, fuckers!

So the next time someone tells you to not swear next to their baby or during prayer, just let them know that you’re just trying to keep your vocabulary in tip-top shape. Or just tell them to fuck off, either way it’s a win for you.