Scientists In Antarctica In Trouble For Booze Fueled Fun

Have you ever been to the South Pole? I’m told that it is cold. Very cold. Not only that but there isn’t much in the way of civilization or fun things to do for thousands of miles. That doesn’t stop the scientists and contract workers who live there for months at a time from going bar-hopping.  In order to combat boredom and depression in the face of unending darkness, below zero temperatures and alien space craft buried in the snow, McMurdo Station has three bars. I bet they serve beer in a frosty mug; not by choice.

Forget Vegas; For your bachelor party spend six months in the South Pole!

However the ice party soon may come to an end after as a study conducted by the United States government’s National Science Foundation on health and safety at the two bases at the South Pole; The South Pole Station and McMurdo Station found that those stationed there were keeping warm with a beer jacket, a little too much. The report says;

“Alcohol consumption in the USAP can create unpredictable behavior that has led to fights, indecent exposure, and employees arriving to work under the influence.”

You have not experienced shrinkage until you have done it at minus 18 degrees fahrenheit.

What is Shia LaBeouf a research scientist at the South Pole now?

Sadly, even with only around 1000 people at full capacity in the summer and 200 people in the winter months at McMurdo Station, scientists and workers who maintain the facility including truck drivers and cooks are separated socially and don’t party together. They call the scientists “beakers.” So this is more like an 80’s teen comedy with the nerds vs. the jocks… but everyone is getting drunk. 

This guy had one too many at the South Pole bar.

While this might be good fun, the problem comes when it is time to discipline the beakers the contractors for the booze fueled behavior. Unlike high school the nerds rule and scientists do not get in trouble for showing up blasted. One researcher was even brewing beer in a lab against the rules.

This guy is diving for penguins.

However with human resources thousands of miles away and only one person available for one job, it is not exactly easy to fire someone and put an ad on craigslist for a replacement to come down to the South Pole.  To help combat the alcohol abuse the government may implement breathalyzer testing for workers before they show up on duty. Hopefully they don’t have to deal with the guy that says “I operate the 12 ton ice plow better when I’m drunk.”

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Source: Wired