Group Of Scientists Form The “Campaign Against Sex Robots”

For years we have been promised that in the near future we would be able to have sex with a robot.

Human like lady robots could potentially revolutionize pornography, the sex worker industry and relationships between men and women. Science fiction has promised us this vivid vision of the future with everything from the hot, erotic AI android in the recent film Ex Machina to Joaquin Phoenix trying to bang his iPhone in Her.

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Recent advancements in robotics and computers have caused one group of scientists to become alarmed at what they feel could be a harmful side effect of human- robot sex. That is why they have created a group to combat the technology industry from developing the widespread use of sexbots. They are calling it the Campaign Against Sex Robots.

This makes a lot of sense if you think about it. For a moment if you can put aside your desire to have hot, steamy robot sex with a powerful, oiled up machine that is programed to act out your every sick, filthy fantasy… mmmm..  you will realize that sex robots could mean the end of the human species.  We don’t need to fear The Terminator… we need to fear “The Penetrator.”

After all if men and women no longer have to deal with the time and effort required for dating and relationships and can simply boink their personal robot sex slaves for pleasure, then the population could drop quicker than a slutty robot’s panties… oh yeah…

However much of the focus from The Campaign Against Sex Robots, created by Dr. Kathleen Richardson a robot ethicist at De Montfort University in the UK and Erik Billing, a lecturer at the University of Skovde in Sweden, is focused not on the reproductive aspects of giving men no reason to ever take a woman on a date again.  Rather Dr. Richardson and Billing are concerned how sex with robots will make men treat human ladies when they DO have sex with them.

Dr. Richardson fears that the use of sex robots will increase the demand for flesh and blood prostitutes as men are conditioned to treat women like objects and machines. The group aims to encourage people to consider the ethical and social consequences of sex machines. The anti sexbot campaign states that its main goal is “to encourage computer scientists and roboticists to refuse to contribute to the development of sex robots as a field by refusing to provide code, hardware or ideas.” 

Well that is bit of a boner killer, you can almost hear the sound of a robot powering down. Would you have sex with a robot if it looked and felt exactly like a human of your gender preference?

Billing argues that:  “The danger of sex robots lies in what we read into them, how we form fantasies that, in some respects, become a reality — a reality where the human (male) user is expected to turn on his woman robot companion for his own, lone, pleasure. I think most of us would agree that this is very far from a healthy, mutual, sexual relationship.”

Maybe it is possible to have a future where everyone can have a metal mistress and NOT become a misogynistic psychopath.

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Source: HuffPo