God Playing Scientists Create First Baby Born From THREE Parents!

Just two weeks ago we learned that scientists were hell bent on developing a way for men to have babies by themselves and without women. Now once again scientists are demonstrating that they must NEVER watch horror movies. That is because it was announced this week that a US medical team working in Mexico has delivered the world’s first human being born with the genetic material of THREE people. Sadly making a baby with three parents is not done by having some hot three-way action as one might hope.

This kid is getting three times as many presents on his birthday. #Jelly!

Rather, making a three parent baby is a highly clinical process that combines the genes of the traditional mother and father, and a third genetic donor. Great, now a kid can get screwed up three times as much! Not yet legal in the United States the procedure was done in Mexico that has no laws to stop the scientists from creating an abomination. So what could go wrong? I’m guessing a Splice situation where doctors performing a legally questionable genetic experiment create a mutant –human hybrid girl. 

In order to go against the laws of nature the scientists hope that the technique will be used to avoid and edit out genetic diseases in offspring, and possibly alter a baby’s appearance. What could go wrong? I’m guessing an Eraser Head situation where the appearance is altered to look like this.

The Jordanian parents, who agreed to be part of this experiment, had two previous children die before the age of six due to a genetic disease. It works like this:

In order to edit out this disease, scientists took eggs from the mother with damaged mitochondria.  They then take eggs from a donor with healthy mitochondria and swap the mother’s egg nucleus into the egg with the healthy mitochondria. Then the egg gets fertilized with the father’s sperm.  While the majority of the genetic material is from the birth mother and father there is still genetic material from three people. What could go wrong? I’m guessing multiple personality disorder creating a two multiple minded psycho like in an Identity situation where one personality kills all the others.

In this situation the mother carried the genes for Leigh’s syndrome in her mitochondria, a disorder that attacks the nervous system, and results in an early death. So now with the replaced mitochondria the baby will have just 37 genes from the third donor, which is not much considering there are an estimated 20,000 to 25,000 genes that make up a human. So what could go wrong with that? I’m guessing a Rosemary’s Baby situation where Satanists use this technique to birth the antichrist.

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