Scientists Have Created A Real Life Harry Potter-Style Invisibility Cloak

The Harry Potter universe is filled with many a cool trick and spell but it’s the invisibility cloak that everyone wish they could really own. Sure, fighting off Dementors is nice but that cloak is just so damn cool! Well apparently scientists have made our dreams come true by actually creating one with science instead of wizardy. Eh, not as cool, but we’ll take it.

The cloak is currently able to create the illusion that objects are disappearing by having an “80 nanometre thick film made from gold ‘nanoantenna’ blocks interfere with the normal scattering of light waves.” Long story short, it’s like wearing a mirror in blanket form all over your body. As long as it’s capable of allowing me to sneak past my apartment manager during the first of the month, that works for me.

The main component of their invisibility cloak is metamaterials which are smaller in size than the wavelength of light which allows incoming light waves to be re-routed. Unfortunately right now scientists have only created a smaller version of this cloak and not something a human could actually wear but they feel like they’re well on their way to creating one.

This is actually a milestone since any efforts before led to a more clunky type camoflouge which only worked  at certain narrow angles whereas this new invention is more form-fitting to the human body. You hear that, Snape!

We still have a while yet before the military can at least utitlize the cloak for finding out important clues hidden within the halls of Hogwarts but it’s an exciting discovery nonetheless. It’ll at least make defeating Predator a tad easier.