Whoa! Scientists Create A Lab-Grown Limb

This is something right out of science fiction that may have become a stunning reality. Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital created an artificial lab- grown limb. This technique may one day lead to the ability to grow new, functioning arms and legs for human amputees and our wounded war veterans.  In their experiment the researchers unveiled that they created a rat forelimb with functioning vascular and muscular tissue. Let me rephrase that: HOLY CRAP. They grew a freakin’ rat limb! That is awesome for rats but for people this is going to make it extra challenging during “alone time” if all we have to work with is a rat limb.

If Splinter gets his arm cut off by Shredder in the next TMNT movie he is all set.

This may one day lead to the artificial growth and transplantation of arms and legs to humans. Dr. Harald Ott, of the MGH Department of Surgery and the Center for Regenerative Medicine told reporters about the difficulties of rebuilding an animal limb by growing living cells around a “matrix.” –It is basically a dead limb that has been stripped of dead tissue and then live cells are regrown around it. He says;

“Limbs contain muscles, bone, cartilage, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and nerves— each of which has to be rebuilt and requires a specific supporting structure called the matrix.  We have shown that we can maintain the matrix of all of these tissues in their natural relationships to each other, that we can culture the entire construct over prolonged periods of time, and that we can repopulate the vascular system and musculature.”

They even successfully attached the limb to a living rat, and the blood started flowing through it. This technique uses the recipients own cells to grow the limb so there would not be complications as in the case of arm and hand transplant recipients who have to take medication so that the body  does not reject the transplant.

A little BBQ sauce and one, two, three and down the hatch.

We live in an amazing future; hopefully it is just more of a Star Trek future than a Robcop future.

They could have kept his dick, just sayin’.

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Source: Fox News