Science Wants You To Eat Boogers

Short of picking your own ass, there are few things you can do that are more objectionable than harvesting a crop of nose gold and sampling the vintage.  And the idea that it could help boost your immune system by exposing you to new germs is ridiculous and so easy to debunk you have to wonder if Canada gives out PhD’s in biochemistry to whoever makes it to class every day without being attacked by a moose.  If eating boogers made you disease resistant you wouldn’t see slimy, oozey kids coughing and dripping and hacking their way through everything all the time.  Kids are the most disgustingly sick people of all and they’re eating boogers like they’re Tic Tacs.  If their immune systems are benefitting in any way, it’s not obvious to the rest of us.  Maybe just try some Vitamin C and chicken soup instead.  Or maybe just end up on video like this dude;

We’re no scientists here; collectively the editorial staff at Break have degrees in General Studies, Philosophy, Art History and Boobs.  That last one seems to be from DeVry.  Nonetheless, we’re all pretty confident there’s no good reason to eat boogers.