Science Wants You To Eat Boogers

Not so long ago, if you had a toothache your dentist might give you cocaine to make it feel better.  Doctors in the 50s and 60s would appear in commercials recommending cigarettes.  And now a Canadian biochemistry professor wants you to eat your boogers, because the establishment wants you to die and/or be gross and has always done so.

What could be the possible benefit of finger mining some skull sludge and chowing down on it for science?  As this HuffPo article states, Dr. Sticky thinks ingesting the germs trapped in our nose mucus could help train our immune systems.  Sort of a “whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and ensures women will never touch us” approach to better living.  Just look at this fellow conducting his own experiments;

Those guys watching aren’t laughing at him, they’re laughing with him in celebration of his decision to invest in good health, probably. 

The good doctor is looking for a team of health conscious but socially derptarded Canadians to volunteer for a study in which they'll be exposed to a molecule of some kind, which is to say it'll be jammed in their noses, and they'll poceed to feast on the contents of their honkers for a set amount of time thereafter while their body's response to the molecule is then measured.  Sounds super sciencey!