Science Says You Should Never Make Your Bed For A Very Good Reason

Are you the kind of person who lives alone and doesn’t see a need to make your bed or lives with someone who thinks you should make the bed every morning? Now you’ve got the perfect excuse not to because it turns out that making your bed can attract horrifying creatures that like to eat your skin. No, really.  

What if we pee in the bed, is that still a no go?

A new study from Kingston University shows that beds that aren’t made are less likely to attract tiny mites that feed on human skin scales and can even produce allergens while you’re sleeping. Researchers set up a computer model to see ways that people could reduce the number of mites in their home and they found that keeping the bed unmade is an effective method by recreating the model in a real world setting. An unmade bed allows the mattress and sheets to breathe more and reduces the amount of moisture that attracts mites. This lack of moisture kills off most of these annoying mites and can improve the health of the person sleeping in it, especially if they don’t know that bed mites are a real thing. That last one’s more of a psychological health benefit but you probably won’t benefit from that by now. 

Doctors estimate that reducing the numbers of mites in the home (it’s estimated that the average bed could have 1.5 million mites) along with taking other measures like reducing humidity and having proper insulation could dramatically cut down the number of cases of allergy and asthma attacks. It could also cut down on the need to shower five times a day because you can feel the mites crawling all over you. Yes, I mean you. 

Source:  The Loop