Science Says You Eat When You’re Drunk Because Your Brain Is Tricking You

Just about everyone who’s gotten drunk has done this. When they start to come down from that mind-numbing high that only alcohol can produce, they have to go to a restaurant or a fast food place and stuff as much as they can into their system to soak up the alcohol. Well, we know that’s not exactly true especially since most of us puke it back up after we eat it unless that’s the alcohol’s way of planning a prison break. However, the real reason we eat so much when we’re drink has been discovered in a new scientific study.

At Indiana University, both departments in their School of Medicine, Medicine and Neurology, published a new study that suggests that getting intoxicated enhanced the smells and tastes of food and makes you want to eat more before you pass out with your face in someone’s toilet.

The study recruited 35 women and got them drunk intravenously and then exposed them to various food related smells. Then they offered them two different dishes to eat and measured how much they ate compared to the control group. The results showed that the drunk participants ate two-thirds more food than those who received a placebo drip.

Researchers also conducted brain scans during these tests and believe that the hypothalamus, the part of our brain that controls our metabolism, register higher responses to food related stimuli like smell and taste. They call it the “aperitif effect” because the “drunchies” was already taken.

So thanks to science, we now know that even our tastebuds can fall victim to a case of the beer goggles except they don’t have to explain to an angry girlfriend where they were all night.