Bored Scientists Have Figured Out Why Dogs Stare At You While They Poop

If you’re a fan of science, you have probably always wondered why your pets stare at you while they’re taking a dump. Okay, maybe you’ve never thought about it but, now that we’re on the topic, dog scientists (you might call them veterinarians) have figured out the reason WHY pets, especially dogs, stare at their owner while they’re giving the lawn some extra compost.

Once you think about it, it totally makes sense. Dogs are in their most vulnerable position when their pooping. Dogs are hyper aware of their surroundings but when you gotta drop trou, there ain’t much you can do when someone or something decides to attack, right? Therefore, a dog is staring at their owner to keep a lookout in case they gotta scissor their business and run. You see, as your dog’s owner, you’re their best friend and they know that. So they’re relying on you to have their back when the shit hits the fan. Pun intended.

So the next time your dog stares at you while taking a moment to see a man about a horse, give them a thumbs up to let them know everything is okay. They’ll appreciate it and maybe won’t vomit in your slipper the next time they get sick because they know you did them a solid.

Oh, and don’t forget to pick your dog’s crap up from the grass. You know better than to just leave it there.