School Drug Test Falsely Says Girl Did Meth & Coke: Mom Makes LOL Apology Cake

A lot of teenagers fear that their parents are going to catch them experimenting with drugs. For most kids this might mean getting caught sparking up a couple of doobies. However a girl named Rachel Gelmis from Huntsville, Alabama recently revealed how her parents believed that she was doing drugs when she wasn’t. Not just one drug, but ALL the drugs.

Currently a 20-year-old in college she shared an insane story on Twitter and Facebook that quickly went viral. She told of the time four years ago as a high school student when she had to submit to a drug test.

Her school, a private institution called The Pinnacles Schools held voluntary drug tests for students that her parents signed her up for. Rachel, clean as a vile of urine purchased for a Russian Olympian, had no problem doing the test.

Rachel, not a fan of the drugs.

That is why she was horrified to get the test back from the school which said she had tested positive for pot, cocaine, heroin, meth, barbiturates, and benzodiazepine. The school administrators immediately cornered her, took her to the principal’s office and called her parents. It is safe to say that they were pretty upset to discover that their young daughter had turned into Courtney Love.

The one clue the school could have used to quickly asses that the drug test was inaccurate was – oh I don’t know, that the girl was still ALIVE and not DEAD from ingesting enough junk to make Jesse Pinkman OD.

Her Mom and Dad immediately started looking up rehab facilities for what they thought was an aspiring Amy Winehouse, minus the singing part. Luckily before poor Rachel could be dragged off to be detoxed, the school called to say “Whoops! Our bad.”

So in order to make up for not believing her, Rachel had one request;

“I asked her to make the cake. She felt really bad about the whole thing, and I thought it would be something silly that would make us both feel better. I don’t remember what flavor the cake was but I do remember the frosting was caramel apple.”

Cakes make everything better! This reminds me of the case of the British girl  we reported a few weeks ago who came home so drunk she vomited in the toilet all night, prompting her mom to recreate the scene in cake form for her 18th birthday. Yum!

So what have we learned here? That if you get all liquored or coked up, or even if you don’t, moms love cakes! Also remember kids; who needs the smack when you have chocolate cake?

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