School Bans Little Girl’s “Violent” Wonder Woman Lunchbox

Schools in the United States have become a hotbed of danger in the 21st century. Bullies run rampant, parents live in fear that mass shootings could happen, and even teachers can’t be trusted. But there is one thing that parents should be vigilant about: Wonder Woman. One school chastised a girl for bringing a lunchbox that had a picture of the famed warrior princess.

According to a letter sent to little Laura’s parents, the lunchbox is “violent.” More specifically, the hyper PC school “requests that the children not bring violent images into the building in any fashion” and they define violent characters “as those who solves problems using violence.” That includes superheroes like Wonder Woman. Because we all know that one of the most iconic female role model’s lasso of truth and Invisible Jet are the symbols of all that is violence and all that is wrong with the world.

The lunchbox has a full body picture of Wonder Woman running to go fight some bad guys and another one of her face in all her Amazonian glory. I guess all that fabulousness is just too much for the school to handle.

Nonetheless, the school is now safe from the threat of a Wonder Woman lunchbox and all other items that portray superheroes who help save the world from evil. They deserve to be recognized for such excellence.

Break Question Of The Day: Which side are you on? After all it is in the School Handbook that students can’t wear characters that “solve problems using violence.”

Source: The Mary Sue