Connecticut School System Bans Halloween Parades To Not Exclude Or Offend Anyone

For today in outrage we go to Milford, Connecticut where school officials recently banned Halloween parades and celebrations at their elementary schools. When I was growing up Halloween meant dressing up in flammable drug store costumes and asking strangers for candy. It also meant parading around your grade school in that costume with all the other kids, minus a few.  There was always the poor kid whose parents couldn’t afford to get him a costume or some weirdo whose family “didn’t celebrate Halloween.” Well now it is 2015 and we have to acknowledge everyone so they don’t get left out and have their feelings hurt.  

The principal at one of the elementary schools in Milford sent a letter home to parents explaining that his year all Halloween celebrations at the school including the annual parade which has happened since the 1950’s would be canceled in order to not make any kids feel left out who “might not want to partake in the parade for religious or cultural reasons.”

While it wasn’t really clear who or what group specifically was protesting Halloween, parents were more upset than a vampire who stayed up past sunrise.  For a while it seemed that the only thing scary happening at the school would be how quickly officials overreact. However a petition at created by angry parents got over 1600 signatures in support of reinstating Halloween festivities at the school. The petition in part took on the fact that they felt Halloween was an American tradition and canceling the celebration was un-American.  The petition says;

However, never fear you will still have plenty of little pint sized ghosts and goblins to…. fear.  The school board later reversed the decision and inclusive Halloween themed activities will be held at the school. Sounds fun.

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Source:  CBS