Was The Scarred Little Girl At KFC Incident A Hoax?

Of all the stories to possibly be a hoax, who knew this would be it.  Just last week, we reported the story of a little girl in Jackson, Mississippi who was allegedly kicked out of their local KFC merely because of the scars on her face from a pitbull attack.  The story was pretty heart-breaking and everyone on the net rallied around the girl, making sure KFC knew how much they sucked.

It seems the only truth to this story is a little girl did get attacked by her uncle’s pitbulls, but they were apparently never at KFC, nor did they get kicked out of one.

KFC hired an investigator to look into this matter and for one, their security cameras showed that no one with children of her description was in the claimed location for that entire day. The only child seen was a little boy and his family, but they left after purchasing.  In the little girl’s case, the grandmother’s story has them sitting down to eat before getting kicked out.  In fact, the food items ordered by the little girl’s grandmother (allegedly a large order to include mashed potatoes and sweet tea) wasn’t recorded at all that day as a purchase made by anyone on the same bill.

Sweet old grandmother or brilliant scam artist?

Sure, one could say that KFC could easily report false information about their security camera footage or purchase history, but would a large organization like this, especially with a story where people have already made up their minds whether it actually happened or not, try to fight it? Dick West, the president of West Quality Food and a KFC franchisee has already made up his mind, saying “The incident never happened.”

What makes you start to wonder if this whole thing was one elaborate money scam is the amount of cash the little girl’s family has made since this story went viral; a whopping $135,000 through Gofundme.com with 36 donations.  Yeahhhhhh, that’s what I’m thinking too.  The little girl’s donation page was set up on April 28 and had only made $595 as an aid to get the little girl treatment after the pitbull attack.  The KFC incident allegedly took place on May 15th, then went viral, and suddenly that $595 skyrocketed to $135,000.  We get the picture now.

Since this story went nationwide, KFC has also pledged $30,000 and has said that even if the story turns out to be false, they will deliver on their donation. 

So what do you think?  If the family comes clean, this will be one of the more interesting money scams to come around in a while.  Aside from Transformers that is.

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source: Washington Times ,EOnline